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Personal Trainer - Nishant Mandal : People who are even a bit aware and enthusiastic about fitness don’t need to be introduced to Nishant. This fitness trainer has been making the rich and famous sweat it out to keep their bodies toned and in shape. The combination of exercises included in his specially designed training regimen and diet suggestions help people make the most of their efforts in the least possible time. Nishant has personally trained more than 50 individuals and has helped them to lose weight, shape and even gain weight in the right manner. Nishant prefers to work on challenging assignments and has ensured that the habits that are cultivated in the trainees last a lifetime.

Nishant's Specialization


Nishant Mandal has been working laboriously to facilitate trainees with a slimmer self that is a dream of millions of people around the world. Getting a slim body is only possible by following the right routine and diet to support the entire process. He takes keen interest in understanding people’s needs & strengths and then advices on training schedules that can actually make a difference.


Fitness, a notion or a necessity, is required so as to enjoy things we love. Whether you're a neophyte who has just become conscious of having a healthy regime or an exercise fanatic eager to optimize results, an attractive fitness training program is indispensable. Under the aegis of the coolest Personal Trainer,Nishant Mandal, people work towards keeping their bodies fit to deal with physical and mental challenges of their everyday life.


Your friends benefit by means of the weight machines and you witness to the wonderful results of their hard slog — toned muscles and an overall enhanced figure. You also want to indulge in weight training but don’t know where to start. Think Again!!! Nishant Mandal is here to help those who will create a personalized fitness regime to help them conquer all of health and fitness goals.


You stand to measure your weight and the reading determines if it’s a great number to flaunt or a sign of distress to pull up the socks. Remember that weight is just a simple equation consisting of calories in minus calories lost that equates with your body weight. Nishant Mandal, being a practiced and experienced physical trainer, knows how to get the numbers right. He starts with a basic plan by formulating a diet chat that suits every individual’s daily working schedule including all what is needed to come out with great results.